Web Strategy - Spinning you onto the web

There are very few Companies out there that have no online presence in any shape or form. Smaller Companies now have the chance to compete at the same level as larger more established organizations to get their brand and business recognised. Clarus Minds web strategy workshop has been designed to assist businesses in identifying key areas of limitations. Deploying a bespoke web strategy solution to your business will increase brand awareness, position products and services correctly and help keep your Company current in the business market. Our ultimate aim is to help you stand out online to make your Company's existence felt.

Businesses need to ensure regular traffic to their website. Your content needs to be updated regularly to keep bringing people in and also to make use of Google and other search engines that allow customer to find your offerings on the internet.

Businesses that do not use Social Media strategy to build relationships (Facebook), recruitment (LinkedIN) and marketing (YouTube, Twitter and Instagram) are missing out on a huge opportunity. Social media allows you to find others and to connect to them through social listening. This is the process of monitoring social media channels in order to identify and evaluate the information that is being mentioned about a company, individual, product or brand. Through assessing social media channels such as Twitter, blogs and forums it allows users to gain an insight into the volume of online conversation regarding a specific brand. Moreover, can provide valuable information on things such as emerging trends and the views of the consumer. In general, by tracking the various social media content of a company it enables users to assess a brands overall visibility throughout the social media spectrum.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows customers to find you! It increases your Companies chances to be searched on the web via search engines. All search engines rank website on the quality of their content. Clarus Minds can assist with structuring your content to gain authority and credibility
Our web strategy has been designed to help clients build a long term strategic plan indicating how to create and develop your online business presence. We get to know our clients and their needs in depth to develop a website marketing strategy which includes building a working website delivered to you in 10 Working Days!

Web Strategy Process

Below is our Web Strategy process, this service will explain the method behind creating a memorable and successful brand and how to stand out amongst your competitors. We will teach you techniques that can translate business values in line with current styles, ideals and perceptions pleasing to the modern market:


  • Completion of a pre-requisite document
  • Introduction to the workshop with a pre-workshop consultation

Workshop addresses:

  • The WWW, Web strategy and Online Presence
  • Online Trends, Social Media and SEO.
  • User experience
  • Measures effectiveness of business image in a market with regular changing perceptions
  • Digital Marketing strategies - These features allow for a business to penetrate a target market accurately, leading to brand awareness, building a loyal customer base and achieving increased sales and growth

First drafted strategy

  • TFirst website draft brief delivered within 5-7 business days
  • TConfirm any changes

  • Sign off

    • TFinal strategy delivered within 10 business days
    • TSign off and deliver
    • TMonitor Key Performance Indicators
    • TFinal changes and minor tweaks
    • TMaintenance and support is also offered after the 10 day delivery rollout.