Designed to share content fast with sales teams and deploy key training content to maximise your sales and partner's revenue. We have worked with some large sales organizations to deliver key functionality that will get your teams to share information and learning within days.

We know that many share points share large amounts of data with no search or filter tools making it extremely difficult to find relevant information as and when you need it. It is very common to find that data is not current and users don't know what exists and where.

Panda Share is a single portal allowing the user easy access to all content and training material regardless of its file type. We can deliver in 15 days and get you organised and ready for content deployment to your entire organisation. This can be done on your local network or as a hosted solution so no need to worry about your data living on the cloud. At Clarus Minds we are flexible and ready to ensure your success is our success in getting your sales teams, HR, Legal or Finance teams ready for content share. We don't just hand you a tool we work with you to ensure you receive your solution and the price for software includes our consulting service to help you get started, organised and field-ready to deploy to anywhere in your organisation!

Panda Share is based on mobile technology or M-learning so you can use any device in any location at any time. You can play training videos on any device. Panda Share comes with a ton of reports to track what is going on with content and if you are making the impact you thought you made. M-Learning or mobile learning occurs when a learner carries out learning and accessing information via mobile technology at anytime and anywhere in the world. This in turn results in a change of behaviour and understanding. Smartphone's are becoming common in the work place and thus many organizations see the advantages of mobile learning − yet actual implementations are still rare. Is now the time to take the plunge into mobile learning?


  • Content delivered is relevant precise and accurate to the user's needs
  • Content is taken when required by the user without endless searches
  • JIT (Just in time) material to enhance existing learning

If you are missing content or don't know how to start we can provide you with great training videos within days using our Online Training Strategy. Contact us for more information on how to enhance and aid your training methods through M-learning. Consult further with our subject matter experts on how to convert your existing material to a mobile format.

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