Corporate Social Responsibility

Clarus Minds recognises that NAPAC has been doing vital groundbreaking work in supporting adults who have suffered childhood abuse. The damage caused to the lives of many through child abuse can leave an everlasting footprint.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Clarus Minds would like to collaborate with NAPAC and play some part in helping adults overcome the traumas caused by childhood abuse. Accordingly, we have been working with NAPAC and assisting this charity with the promotion of their message and would encourage other organisations to support NAPAC too.

Clarus Minds' main objective is to help improve the services NAPAC offer to survivors. This has been done by refocusing NAPAC's online presence, making their website an effective first point of support for survivors, and providing further support through (Search Engine Optimisation). Clarus Minds redesigned and reshaped NAPAC's website so that it can more effectively play a central role in the delivery of support to survivors, with key messages and resources and links for survivors.

The NAPAC website project has been an excellent platform to activate shared experiences, gain mutual understanding, discuss and support a digitalized world. Going forward, we are now looking at ways in which Clarus Minds can assist NAPAC in increasing their public profile through the hosting of fundraising and promotional events.