Digitize your training content for M-Learning

Digital content creation is the process of designing and producing a digital version or video recording of electronic information, where that information can sit as a podcast, video of marketing, educational videos, blogs and much more.

here is a general expectation that people should be able to find what they want whenever they want it. Digitalizing your material for online use is paramount for learners. What's more using mobile phones for training and content sharing is central to the Clarus Minds strategy.
Forrester reported in 2013 that 45% of European adults browsed the internet weekly and 38% searched for information on mobile search engines.


'Imagine you must meet with your customer's CIO in 15 minutes and you are already on site. Your laptop is closed; you do not have connection to the internal network. You feel stressed – 'What are the key messages I need to address?'

Modification from all different sources refined to 1 to 2 minutes of concise videos of short digestible data. The videos will resonate with sales force and the content is targeted to already known facts from previous training. Each asset will be refreshed on a regular basis as and when changes occur so that your smart phones and tablets are mobile optimized with the latest data and facts.

Clarus Minds is here to help you convert your powerpoints slides and word documents to an online and mobile friendly system.